Freelance marketing content writer at the ready

The face of a freelance content writer

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for flying up to a Different Height!

My name is Louisa but
as we’re obviously going to be friends,
just call me Elle.

I’m a freelance content writer, bookworm
and general word warrior!

Your copy was impeccable, and your professionalism was clear to me from the interview.

Luca D.

You need the words to work for you but you don’t have time, nor really the inclination.

You need to be doing what you’re best at.

Let me say what you need, in the way you want, without the faff.

My knowledge of website creation, SEO, and social media management ensures you receive four areas of expertise in one.

Being a small business owner means being and doing a lot of things with often very few people to talk to about it who really understand.

I understand.

You need the words to work for you.

No hard sell, just elegance and inspiration that make your customers go “Yes! They’re just like me!”

small business success

Let’s work together to help your success soar to a different height.