Something a bit different today! I was chatting to a very grown-up chum the other day who didn’t know these tips so thought I’d share!

~ Don’t scrub at dirty saucepans. It’s a waste of your energy! Instead, put them on the hob with an inch or so of water in and a drop of washing-up liquid. Do the rest of your dishes while that’s on the lowest heat. It makes it so much easier to clean off.

~ Clean the bathroom when you’re using it. The moisture in the air from your bath/shower lifts the dirt a bit easier and your product goes further.

~ Clean with a wet cloth and a dry cloth. Kitchen or bathroom, wipe first with product on a wet cloth. Then, wipe over with a dry cloth like a microfibre. This helps pick up those pesky stray hairs if you’ve got a long-haired Viking husband or pets like me. It also gives things an extra shine, stays clean for a little longer and removes any damp residue where bacteria could make a home.

Hope those are useful and interesting! Let me know your favourite cleaning tips in the comments.

P.S. Try to use eco products wherever possible 🌍