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Prior to solely being lingerie, Orchid was a ladies’ clothing boutique in Langport, Somerset. I did all the adverts, posters, speeches for events, and promotional materials. That was the days before the Internet had reached rural Somerset though!

I’ve been running Orchid Lingerie‘s Facebook page since 2012. Not all the captions on there are my writing as some come from the wholesalers.

Some further examples:

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Summer is on its way so now is the time to dust of our pretty florals and sweet tees for outdoor celebrations and barbecues.  To support you whilst you’re having all that fun, our new range of fabulous t-shirt bras will keep you comfortable and flatter your shape. You can concentrate on enjoying yourself. Years of fitting experience makes meeting your shape’s needs, your comfort, and purse’s happiness an effortless experience. Every appointment is tailored to you by Sherrie-jane. Relax in the knowledge you’re in total privacy inside The Corsetry Chalet, Langport. Make sure you’re not one of the 80% of women in the wrong size or shape bra. We wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoes! Book your free fitting appointment today at

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A 17-year-old young lady came to us today. She was, like 80% of women out there, in the wrong size. We got her fitted in a 28HH bra. These are specialist sizes that the high street is NOT trained for and NOT capable of providing. If you have problems with neck pain, back fat, no waist, shoulder divots (really the list is endless), you’re IN THE WRONG SIZE BRA.

Make an appointment. Reclaim your space. Reclaim your body.

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